Beautifully Located In North Herefordshire

Newport House

Newport House has a long history. It is thought to have been the home of the Lollard martyr, Sir John Oldcastle (1360-1417), who was the model for Shakespeare’s Falstaff, and has, over the centuries, undergone several transformations. The current house was built between 1712 and 1718 by Lord Foley, with the walled garden being moved to its current location in 1767.

Highmoor Wood

Also on the estate is Highmoor Wood, ninety acres of ancient semi-natural woodland with a hazel copice understory. The streams that run through the site, along with the carpets of woodland flowers and abundant birdsong, makes the wood a very special place to be.

North Canon Farm

Down on the farm in Norton Canon, the environmental credentials of Devereux Wootton are first class. All energy is produced by wind turbine or photovoltaic panels. The hedges, field margins, and orchards are all managed and maintained to a high standard of environmental stewardship.

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