What does The Cart Shed offer?

The Cart Shed

The Cart Shed offers a wide range of activities outdoors throughout the year including:

  • Coppicing and woodland management
  • Making coppice products including hurdles and charcoal
  • Basket making and plant supports
  • Green wood-working and craft skills using traditional hand tools
  • Horticulture – learn how to grow fruit and vegetables
  • Cooking on an open fire in the woodland kitchen
  • Creating structures for sites including benches, shelters and fences
  • The opportunity to gain qualifications

If you are interested in taking part in one or more of the many different courses The Cart Shed offers, please contact us here.


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What will you find at The Cart Shed?

  • An empowering environment enabling individuals to be self-directed in their recovery journey
  • A non-clinical setting helping individuals address and overcome issues they may be finding difficult to self-manage
  • A range of training and learning opportunities to support individuals in to employment
  • A safe place to come on discharge from hospital as part of a care pathway
  • A supportive environment workign with you, your GP or healthcare coordinator, giving you the support you need when you need it
  • Transport can be aranged if required

Are you finding life 'too much'?

Feeling lousy, unmotivated, or tired?

Stressed, miserable or simply sad?

Does the loss of your loved one or friend affect you still?

Is your health getting you down?

Are you feeling lonely and alone?

Worrying about it all getting on top of you and not quite knowing how to find a way out?

In need of someone who will sit and listen?

Come to The Cart Shed; We'll work with you, your GP, Social Worker or employer to arrange having time with us on a weekly basis. You are welcome to refer yourself directly to The Cart Shed by telephone or letter. It is equally possible to be referred by your GP, or support worker should you wish.

You will be supported by our professional team of Occupational Therapists, tutors and volunteers who will help you to address and overcome a wide range of issues that may be preventing you from coping with life.

"...everyone is treated as an individual, with dignity and respect and allowed the opportunity to just be themselves without any expectations of what can be achieved. A hugely liberating and fulfilling experience!" - A participant