In addition to helpful websites: (Mind – click here. , Very Well Mindclick here.) we have pulled together a few resources to help our participants during this time. Please note, many of these resources were  not made by The Cart Shed; they are offered as additional online support.

Covid-19 Resources

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A list of free, online, boredom-busting resources:

A message from Hereford City Council: Many in our communities are still unaware that they may be entitled to receive food parcels. Download the request form here:

A voucher scheme is being launched by the Government for those receiving free school meals, these will be arranged through the school your child/children attend(s). There is more information on the scheme on the website:

Managing an anxiety disorder in the midst of coronavirus:

Guidance for ways to support your mental health whilst working from home:

Free online mindfulness sessions:

If any of you have young people or know of young people struggling with the impact of the Coronavirus:

How to protect your mental health on the BBC:

Gardening you can do in isolation:

Gardening with kids:

What if the Coronavirus is the Ultimate Pause & Reset Button? – Article:

Hereford Rotary – Covid 19 Volunteers Facebook page:

Goverment’s list of online education resources for home education:

Free Open University course: Digital Literacy – succeeding in a digital world:

Guidance for the public on the mental health and well-being aspects of Coronavirus:

Ways to feel less lonely:

BBC Bitesize:

Every Mind Matters – Looking after your mental health:

What your reaction to Covid-19 says about your trauma response:

If you’re self-isolating or simply staying at home, WISH has details of over 100 local businesses offering a fantastic range of grocery and meal delivery services across Herefordshire:

If your family member or partner is threatening, violent or controlling then please know that help is still available. Here are some resources you can access. Always call 999 in an emergency, if you don’t feel able to call then you can file a report online: