The Cart Shed Charity is employing appropriate Corona Virus measures to keep learners/participants, volunteers, staff and visitors safe.

We have adopted the following temporary measures:
• Public Health England’s information poster is displayed at our sites – we will keep an eye on their updates and update accordingly.
• Warm water will be kept in the tippy taps to encourage thorough and regular hand washing (at least 20 seconds).
• Boxes of tissues will be strategically placed around the site so people have ready access to tissues should they need to sneeze/cough/blow their noses. Used tissues will be burned in the main fire.
• All staff and participants will be asked to stay at home if they feel unwell, take advice from 111 and not return until they are better.

We have decided against sanitisers as these are anti-bacterial and not anti-virus, so unless hands are really clean before application, they are useless. Thorough hand washing is key.

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